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Gods of Olympus: The Underworld – Many improvements needed.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Hopefully an update is coming soon.

There have been over three months of underworld gameplay and the need for an update couldn't be more evident. I am hoping that the minor programming bugs will be fixed (I will discuss that in a future post). As for the more pressing issues raised by myself, as well as alliance members, Underworld matchups are extremely unbalanced. Unless you can afford to spend a ton of money upgrading your gods, (and even then) your inability to choose between easy, normal, or hard battles does not exist. This fact has taken much of the fun out of it for a lot of players. The game may have been limited to "normal" matchups to account for lack of adequate bases at the launch of the underworld section in January. Nevertheless, the developers need to establish better communication with their gaming fans. Often, we feel as if we are left in the dark about any and all matters of gameplay, updates, and programming rationale. Also, there has to be Hermes equivalent in the underworld god lineup. The gods as they are now are just too damn slow.

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