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Gods of Olympus: Underworld Attacks

Underworld gods against an over-world base.

Having spent a good amount of time playing and assisting within my alliance I can certainly say that the most effective and most commonly used attack strategy stems from taking out the Hera temple at the outset, or as soon as possible. My attack strategy usually starts with Cerberus on the outer perimeter to divert troops toward him. If I can take out the hero or a key defense building, great. If not, once an army of troops have gathered around Cerberus and he is killed I drop Hades, start requiem, spawn skeletons, and then drop Tisiphone, Alecto, Megaera, and Persephone. I steer the melee gods away from exploding temples until the Hera temple is destroyed. The most powerful melee god, by far, is Tisiphone. Protect her at all costs. She is key for crowd control and giving you time to navigate the base. As you make your way around the base, a combination of Tisiphone's freeze and Alecto's fireball can be very devastating to buildings if your timing is right. Don't be afraid to occasionally tap-target areas of oncoming troops with Tisiphone's ice blades. It is very strong.

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