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In April, I wrote to the Gods of Olympus game staff with questions and suggestions. Below is a list of what I wrote about in my email.

  • After four months of Underworld gameplay, myself and those in my alliance have some minor programming rationale questions AND suggestions which we hope will be resolved in a future update. I sincerely hope that you consider these suggestions and help explain some of the reasoning behind existing decisions made about the game.

  • Underworld attack matchups seem to be extremely unbalanced. Unless you can afford to spend a ton of money upgrading your gods, (and even then) one's inability to choose between easy, normal, or hard battles has been a frequent topic of conversation as to the reasoning behind why this choice does not exist. We would love to know why. I can only assume that the game may have been limited to "normal" matchups to account for the lack of adequate bases at the launch of the Underworld in January.

  • Nevertheless, can the developers establish better, and more consistent, communication with their gaming fans regarding these types of choices? Often, we feel as if we are left in the dark about any and all matters of gameplay, updates, and programming rationale. We want to know more, and there seems to not be any of this type of information on your website or social media.

  • We feel that there should be a Hermes equivalent in the Underworld gods lineup. The gods as they are now are just too slow.

  • We know that third power abilities are one-time use only, but Charon's Armor of Styx should be refreshable, similar to Athena's Aegis.

  • Charon's Summon Shades should be constricted to multiple circles of shades in closer proximity to Charon. It would be far more advantageous! As it is now, the shades are too far out to do much good.

  • The Underworld base defenses are much too weak, especially when it comes to troops. There should be a Spartan equivalent, such as Zombies; uncharmable and unable to be killed by Hades' Reanimate ability.

  • Finally, we had a female player in our alliance suggest adding Lady Spartans somewhere.

The response I received (below) was, to say the least, underwhelming, not very helpful, and did not answer any of my questions:

"Thank you for your feedback and requests. We are happy you and your team are enjoying the game and the update. The underworld itself is still very new in both in game play and in development. We have lots of new content to add in the future and look forward to seeing the underworld and game as a whole continue to grow! We really cannot go into much details concerning your requests because we are not confirming any future details at this time, but we do have an exciting roadmap of new content to roll out!"

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